Northwest Yachting October 2015

The Non-invasive Holding Tank Monitor

The prospect of installing, or in fact having anything to do with a holding tank monitor just isn’t that appealing. That monitor often requires holes to be drilled! Yet that monitor, as many boaters find out, is critical in onboard waste management. The Swedish company Gobius has a solution to the problem.

Sweden has been tightening its waste restrictions, and Gobius has responded with an elegant soluation to the monitoring challange. The technology at the heart of the unit is “essentially the same as when you tap a glass with water with spoon – different tones arise depending on the content of water.”

But the advantage of the Gobius monitor does not stop there. Installation of the unit is now fully automatic, which was not the case with previous models. The auto-install feature also makes it more accurate.”

The Gobius monitor is handled by Marine Sanitation, located in Mariner’s Square, 1900 N. Nortlake, Seattle at the north end of Lake Union in Seattle. Phone: 206-633-1110, or go online to: More information about Gobius products at:

This rewiew was published in Nortwest Yachting Magazine, October 2015, page 66

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