We’re here to help you install your Gobius. You can contact us by e-mail or phone. Please feel free to email photos to us at the sensors on the tank and on the Control Unit. These images help us to understand your problem.

Although Gobius works on all tanks, there are some limitations that are good to know about. For example, the tank size is not critical, but the tank wall thickness is.

  • Stainless steel, max 3 mm
  • Steel, max 3 mm
  • Polyethelene, max 12 mm
  • Aluminium, max 5 mm
  • Fibre Glass, max 8 mm

The temperature should at the tank wall be above 20 degrees C (68 degrees  Fahrenheit) when attaching the sensors to the tank wall.

Another important detail to be aware of is that when you are mounting the sensors there should be a minimum distance to an edge of the tank that is 70 mm from the center sensor, or in other words, 35 mm from the sensor edge. If you mount the sensor closer than this it can’t do its job properly and its functionality can’t be guaranteed.

Our recommendation is to read the easy to read instructions carefully before installing the sensors to the tank. In the Photos tab you can see both good and bad placement of sensors.

Gobius Sensor Technology has user support via email, support@gobius.se and on the telephone, +46 (0) 31-650170. Do not forget to register your Gobius before you contact us. It is the only requirement we ask for giving support.

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