Gobius C for water/fuel- & fluid tanks

With Continuous measuring (stepless)


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This version measures stepless from empty to full. The three sensors are mounted in the same easy way as other Gobius Products, but they have to be in a vertical line on a same side of the tank. Maximum tank height is 0,5 meter.
All included: 1 LED panel (display), 1 Control unit, 3 Sensors (1 m cable), DC cable (1,8 m) and Panel cable (1,5 m),  1 3M Surface Cleaner, 1 extra sensor 3M VHB tape, 1 Velcro band (Control unit) and instructions in English.

For all these tank materials

  • Stainless steel, max 3 mm
  • Steel, max 3 mm
  • Aluminium, max 5 mm