Gobius 4 for grey, black & waste tanks

Complete tank monitor system for grey, black and waste tanks, version 5.0.


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The perfect tank monitor for your waste tank whether it is in metal or plastic. LEDs of different colors show four levels; empty, 1 / 4-, 1 / 2- and 3/4-full. 3 sensors mounted (glued) with a 3M adhesive tape on the outside of your tank.
Very easy to retrofit on new and older tanks. No drilling or disassembly of the tank is required. Measures from the outside, never risk of leakage.

All included: 1 LED panel (display), 1 control unit, 3 sensors (1 m cable), 1 DC cable (1,8 m) and 1 panel cable (1,5 m),  1 3M Surface cleaner, 1 extra sensor 3M VHB tape, 1 Velcro band (Control unit) and instructions in English.

For all these tank materials

  • Stainless steel, max 3 mm
  • Steel, max 3 mm
  • Aluminium, max 5 mm
  • Polyethelene, max 12 mm
  • Fibre Glass, max 8 mm