Gobius for industrial applications

There are many occasions when taking a measurement from the outside of the tank is preferable. This can apply to a clinical clean liquid, a dirty fluid or when you can’t or do not wish to drill holes in your tank. The Gobius System is quick and easy to install. Within 60 minutes everything is ready for measurement. In addition to all the standard features, Gobius has industrial grade features to control a pump from the initial emptying sequence to the empty / full tank phase as well as the point when it is time to empty a full tank. Our article number: 970404

Gobius OEM

We can offer you customized versions of Gobius. We can design your version to fits exactly your specific needs. Let’s discuss these features and the design together. Please contact us directly for a discussion, +46 31-650170, or info@gobius.se. Our article number: 970414

  • Gobius Pro

    The Gobius Pro sensor is mounted on the outside of metal or plastic fluid tanks. No more mounting on the inside of the tank, no more drilling of holes. The sensor can work alone on a tank but also together with several Gobius Pro sensors.

    The sensor has built-in Bluetooth communication for Android and iOS phones. The app is used to program the initial settings of the sensor, display measurements and more.
    Our article number: 970480

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