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Gobius Sensor Technology

With our own patented technical solution we develop tank monitors for a variety of applications. Measurement of fluid by the Gobius System is done by creating a small vibration in the tank wall.
The vibrations work on all tank materials, both metal and plastic.
Never before has it been so easy to install a tank monitor system.

Tank monitors for leisure boats

Gobius is available for your boat, on all your tanks. They are easy to fit on the old as new tank. You do not have to remove or drill holes in the tank. Everything is mounted on the outside, nothing inside the tank.

  • Easy to install on the outside of the tank
  • For water, fuel and waste tanks
  • For metal and plastic tanks as well
  • Easy to retrofit on old tanks
  • No risk for leakage

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Waste Tank Monitor for holiday and year-around home

Gobius is the only level meter that measures from the outside of a closed sewage tank. That means you do not need to drill unnecessary holes into your tank and there is no additional cleaning necessary. The tank should be located in a basement or in the foundation below your home. However, if your tank is buried in the ground our product is not recommended

  • Easy to install on the outside
  • Perfect for waste tanks
  • Works on Polyethene and fiberglass tanks
  • Easy to retrofit on existing tanks

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Gobius for industrial applications

There are several situations where you need to quickly install a tank monitor. It may be that the liquid does not get polluted or is dirty in and of itself. It can be difficult to cut a hole into an existing tank. There may also be a concern about the cost.

  • Easy to install on the outside
  • Almost perfect for all fluid tanks
  • For all these tank materials
    • Stainless steel, max 3 mm
    • Steel, max 3 mm
    • Polyethene, max 12 mm
    • Aluminium, max 5 mm
    • Fibre Glass,  max8 mm
  • Easy to retrofit on existing tanks
  • Economy a good choise

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